Human Resource Development

In  the present era of Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation, all Indian industries are struggling in facing the challenges posed by the entry of multi-national corporations in our country . In order to meet the  challenges, the Indian industry has to find out ways and means for improving the quality of the products and the services rendered.The Human Resources Development Section has given thrust to provide opportunity to the employees by nominating them to the training programmes, which enabled the employees in uplifting their attitude towards work, organisation and life in the highly competitive and challenging times.

Training in other Institutes

TNSC Bank has been imparting training to the Officers of the Bank not only through the Training College attached to the Bank, i.e., ACSTI, but also through various reputed Training Colleges situated nationwide like,
  1. BIRD,Lucknow
  2. College of Agricultural Banking, RBI, Pune
  3. National Center for MDARDB, Bangalore
  4. VAMNICOM, Pune
  5. BIRD, Mangalore
  6. NABARD, Mumbai and
  7. NAFSCOB, Mumbai.
Human Resources Available in the Bank The role played by the staff in the growth and development of the Bank is quite immense. Today, the human resources available in the Bank is comparatively much higher than any other State Cooperative Bank in the country. Thus TNSC Bank is performing very well in all spheres of banking activities by tapping the potentiality available with the staff of the Bank.

Practical training to the students

Apart from giving training to the staff, the Bank is also giving training the student community. The Bank is giving one day training on the working of the Bank to the students sponsored by the various Colleges / Coop. Institutions, both within and outside the State. TNSC Bank is also giving training to the BBM students, sponsored by the University of Madras and various Colleges situated in the city of Chennai, to learn the various aspects of working of the Bank. In addition to the above, the Bank is also imparting training to the regular College students, who are sponsored by their Colleges, for a period of four to six weeks, during summer vacation, and issues relevant certificates to them.