Our Bank is a Closed User Group (CUG) member of Indian Financial Network (INFINET) of the Reserve Bank of India. Customer can avail themselves of the Services like Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), Structured Financial Messaging System – National Electronic Funds Transfer (SFMS-NEFT) for money transfer on a real-time basis.   The IFS Code of our Bank is TNSC0000001.   Transfer of amounts higher than Rs.2.00 lakh can be transferred through RTGS where as amounts lesser than Rs. 2.00 lakh can be transferred through NEFT.   The charges stipulated by the Reserve Bank of India payable by the customers per RTGS / NEFT outward transactions are as follows:
System Transfer Amount Charges Rs.
RTGS Above Rs.2 lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs 25
Above Rs.5 lakhs 50
NEFT up to Rs.10,000 2.50
Upto Rs.1 lakh 5
Above Rs.1 lakh to Rs.2 lakhs 15
Above Rs.2 lakhs 25
For inward transactions, no charges
Plus applicable GST
Customers who want to transfer money may fill and submit in the RTGS / NEFT format clearly mentioning the Beneficiary’s Bank Code, Beneficiary’s Account Number, Beneficiary’s Account Type, Amount to be credited etc., to the Branch Manager.   Any enquiry about the receipt of credit in respect of customers account through RTGS / NEFT may be made from our Bank’s Funds and Investments Section (Phone Number: 044-25340973).