Resource Person

Guest Faculty Support for the Programs:

Based on need, the Institute seeks faculty support from a Panel of Guest Faculty it maintains. The Institute prepares this Panel of Guest Faculty and gets it updated. While engaging the persons as Guest Faculty, the Institute would evaluate their educational background, experience and specialization in the subjects. Apart from resource persons from outside, the Institute also draws support from NABARD/RBI/Training Institutes of other banks like IOB Staff Training College and IMAGE the Training Institute runs by Indian Bank.

Best Practices Followed:

  • The Institute gets Evaluation Reports from each and every participant to evaluate programs at the end of each program and submits consolidated Evaluation Reports to the Managing Director.
  • Also, the Institute conducts impact evaluation study of each program in relation to its utility to the participants / sponsoring bank, choosing the participants on random basis.
  • Further, Institute conducts Entry / Exit Test to assess the knowledge of the participants at the commencement / end of the program.
  • Session-wise feedback is also obtained at the end of each program to assess the performance of the Faculties who had handled the classes.
  • Recap is also conducted from the 2nd day of the training program to make participants attentive in the class room and to go through the notes taken in the class room with study material to gain more understanding on the subjects taught in the class and to fill up the gaps, if any.
  • Institute also conducts case exercises, wherever necessary, to give more insight to the participants.