DICGC coverage for deposits upto Rs.1 lakh

The Institute draws up its programs with an eye on the changing trends in the banking industry. The program contents are in keeping with the various concepts and policies envisaged by the Government Of India, Government of Tamil Nadu, Reserve Bank of India and NABARD for the development and the growth of the Coop. Banks. The programs are so designed as to motivate the participants to render services to the rural people more efficiently and effectively. The Institute has also received good feedback from the sponsoring institutions regarding the progress achieved by them because of the training inputs received by their employees.

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The focus of training is on six categories, viz.,

  • Induction training for new entrants.
  • Core training programs for all employees in identified areas.
  • Placement related functional training.
  • Training in areas of specialization.
  • Training in management inputs and
  • Training in application of computer skills.

Every year, ACSTI conducts TNA (Training Needs Analysis) by inviting the opinion/feedback from the Client Institutions, viz., SCBs, DCCBs, CUBs & PACS. Incorporating the requirements of the Client Institutions, the Institute prepares a tentative Calendar of Programs which will be examined by the Syllabus Committee consisting of persons of experience from the Training Institutes of RBI and Commercial Banks and the Regional Office of NABARD. On finalization by the Syllabus Committee of the Tentative Calendar of Programs, ACSTI places it before the Standing/Training Advisory Committee for its approval. The Special Officer of the Bank is the Chairperson of the Standing/Training Advisory Committee and the CGM, NABARD, RO is a distinguished member of the Committee. On approval of the Programs thus prepared, the Institute will conducts the programs round the year.

The Institute also conducts certain customized on-location programs on the basis of specific needs expressed by the user-organizations.

The Institute conducted 194 training programs during the year 2010-2011 upto 31.03..2011 benefiting 5231 participants with a total coverage of 19848 Trainee days, with the average participation being 27. These programs included on-location programs for PACS/DCCB personnel, Induction programs for the new recruited Assistants in DCCBs, Special Audit of SCBs by NABARD ,BDP programs for PACS etc.