Old in Tradition and Young in Outlook:
TNSC Bank, the Apex Co-operative Bank and the main purveyor of agricultural credit in Tamil Nadu, has completed 99 years of useful and purposeful existence. TNSC Bank is old in tradition but young and dynamic in outlook and action.
The ambition of the TNSC Bank is to feed the people and the Nation with prosperity, by extending its areas of operation and activities to cover all facets of economic spheres and integrated rural development.
Leader of Co-operative Credit Movement:
TNSC Bank is the Leader of the Co-operative Credit Movement in Tamil Nadu for over a century. 
First State Coop Bank to Celebrate Centenary Year:
TNSC Bank was the 18th Co-operative Society to be registered in the erstwhile Madras Presidency as "The Madras Central Urban Bank" and this Bank was the first "Central Co-operative Bank" to be established in India.
Commencement of Bussiness:
It was Sir V.C. Desikachariar, Kt. who gave shape to the proposals formulated by Sir P. Rajagopalachariar, the first Registrar of Co-operative Societies. Sir V.C. Desikachariar, Kt. along with 17 eminent personalities sent up to the Registrar of Co-operative Credit Societies an application for the registration of the Bank  under the Co-operative Societies Act. The Government, in G.O.Ms. No.1022, Revenue, dated 19.10.1905 accorded the necessary sanction and the Registrar of Co-operative Credit Societies registered the Bank on 23.11.1905. The Bank commenced its business on 26.11.1905.
Initial Authorized Share Capital:
The initial authorized Share Capital was Rs.25000/- divided into 50 shares of Rs.500/- each. The 17 pioneers held one share each, 10 other new members held 11 more shares. The first call of Rs.50/- per share, was made on 26.11.1905. With the addition of 2 more such calls, the paid-up Share Capital @ Rs.150/- per share, aggregated Rs.4200/- as on 31.3.1906. 
First Loan:
The first loan was disbursed to No.21 Big Kancheepuram Urban Weavers' Union on 14.2.1906. The first fixed deposit was received on 14.3.1906. The Bank's first accounting year ended on 31.3.1906 with a net profit of Rs.20-9-0.
Ten Stages of Growth:
The history of the Tamil Nadu State Apex Co-operative Bank may be divided into ten stages broadly, according to its Constitutional Development.
These ten stages broadly reflect the development of the co-operative Credit Structure at the Apex Level in Tamil Nadu, finally emerging in the three-tier system of agricultural credit, with the primaries at the base or village level, Central Coop. Banks as intermediaries at the Districts level and the State Coop. Bank at the State or Apex level.